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Mineral Water Cooler Sydney

Posted by Peter on 22 June 2020

Mineral Water Cooler Sydney. How do you know when you're dehydrated?

Signs of Dehydration.

Mineral Water Cooler Sydney

Your body is approximately 55-60% water. Water is necessary for every body function to function properly. It is therefore essential to drink water. Dehydration or dehydration means a shortage of body fluid and this can have all kinds of consequences from headaches to a very serious extent, even organ failure or death. In this article, we are going to talk about the causes and symptoms of dehydration. Pricing and more information here: Water Coolers Sydney

Causes of dehydration

First, let's say that everyone loses fluid; through your breathing, through your stool, through urination or sweating. Dehydration occurs when more water goes out than goes in. This can be caused by a lack of fluid intake or excessive fluid loss.

Common causes of dehydration are:

  • Exposure to heat: Heat can lead to excessive moisture loss through sweating. If you do not drink extra water when it is very hot outside, you can become dehydrated.
  • Intensive exercise: intensive exercise also leads to sweating.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea: both cause a lot of fluid loss.
  • Nausea: Often people don't feel like eating or drinking when they are nauseous. You do not get enough moisture.

Symptoms of dehydration

There are various signs of dehydration. We are going to go through the main and first signs of dehydration so that you can recognize it in yourself at an early stage.

  • Thirst: This is one of the first symptoms of dehydration. This is perhaps the most logical symptom.
  • Dry mouth and tongue.
  • Headache.
  • Changes in the color and amount of your urine: The color and amount of your urine are good indicators of how your fluid balance is going. Dark yellow urine or a little urine are signs of dehydration.
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue or drowsiness: Dehydration can cause fatigue and can decrease endurance during exercise. Drinking enough water can give you energy and make you more alert.
  • Decreased elasticity of the skin: Your skin is made up of about 30 percent water and ensures its firmness and elasticity. Well-hydrated skin returns to normal after pulling it. Poorly hydrated skin takes longer to do this. Besides, a skin that feels dry, cool and clammy may be dehydrated. Great tasting waterfrom a mineral water cooler Sydney.
  • Muscle cramps: A lack of fluid in combination with a lack of sodium can lead to muscle cramps. This is mainly due to excessive sweating during exertion, such as sports.
  • Drop in your blood pressure: drinking too little can make you feel light-headed and weak and tired.

Some other symptoms of dehydration are palpitations or a faster heartbeat, irritability or confusion, tingling, cold hands and feet, serious complications and even organ failure (with severe dehydration). Every organ in the body needs moisture to function properly. If the dehydration is severe, the organs can stop. Severe and severe loss of body fluid can lead to shock, a potentially fatal condition. This is extreme, but if you have been seriously dehydrated for a longer time, this can be a consequence.

You can prevent dehydration by drinking plenty of water from your mineral water cooler Sydney throughout the day. Foods such as fruits and vegetables also contain moisture that keeps you hydrated, but drinking water is the most important thing. Drink plenty of water when you are thirsty, when you are exercising, when you sweat a lot, in heat and when you are sick. Besides, check the color of your urine; if it is pale yellow then you are in the right place. So very important to drink well! Besides, good hydration can improve your mood, fight fatigue and improve your memory and concentration!
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