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Mineral Water Cooler Perth

Posted by Peter on 23 June 2020

5x why you are (possibly) dehydrated, while you do drink a lot of water from a minerals water cooler Perth

Minerals Water Cooler Perth

Do you stick to the recommended eight glasses of water a day? For pricing of filtered water coolers: Water Coolers Perth

Nobody has to tell you that it is important to drink enough water in a day, you know that. However, you may still be dehydrated while drinking enough water. How exactly and more importantly, what can you do about it?

And how do you recognize that you are dehydrated?

Several symptoms can indicate that you may be dehydrated. For example, your urine may be very dark in color. Also, bad breath or the inability to sweat may indicate that you are not holding and / or ingesting enough fluid. If you drink a lot of water, you don't expect to be dehydrated, but it is still possible. The Bustle website was also curious about how this is possible and investigated. Below we list possible reasons.

You don't drink often enough

Eight glasses of water a day should be enough to keep you hydrated. This only doesn't work if you don't spread the drink of those glasses of water from a mineral water cooler Perth over the day. For example, some of them skip a liter of water in an hour, but they don't drink (enough) for the rest of the day. Rehabilitation specialists recommends drinking throughout the day, even when you are not thirsty.

You don't get enough electrolytes

Electrolytes are required to carry fluids to your cells. Electrolytes are understood to mean sodium, chloride, magnesium and potassium. "Your body needs electrolytes to retain water. If you don't get enough of this, the drunk water will leave your body in no time. An easy solution: drink coconut water more often, this drink is packed with electrolytes.

You have diabetes

"Being very thirsty and also dehydrated can indicate diabetes that has not yet been diagnosed. Your body is trying to discharge sugar at that point, which is why you have to urinate frequently, which can cause you to become dehydrated.

You drink the wrong thing, drink plenty from a mineral water cooler Perth

If you ingest moisture, it will be fine, right? Unfortunately, some drinks make you dehydrated. Beverages that contain caffeine, such as cola and coffee, are an example of this. Therefore, try not to drink too many caffeinated drinks.

You still drink too little water

Drinking two liters of water should usually be enough to keep you from getting dehydrated. Still, some people need more water than that. For example, someone who does a lot of sport should drink half a liter of water more.
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