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Mineral Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 25 June 2020

7 signs that you don't drink enough from a mineral water cooler Melbourne

Drinking 1.5 liters of water in a day from a filtered mineral water cooler Melbourne can be quite a task, but it is really necessary for your body. But how do you know if you drink too little? These signals may ring a bell.

Mineral Water Cooler Melbourne

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1. Headache

Do you often suffer from headaches? Then try drinking a few glasses of water before reaching for the painkillers. It could be a signal that you are slightly dehydrated.

2. Dark urine

I know, not the sexiest topic to talk about, but if your urine is too dark you should drink more. Let's say your urine should look like lemon juice rather than apple juice.

3. A dry mouth

Although a dry mouth can have various causes, drinking too little is one of them. Do you suffer from a dry throat? Then knock back a glass of water from a mineral water cooler Melbourne.

4. Your skin is dull and does not radiate

The secret to beautiful skin with many a celeb is to drink enough water each. Your skin will radiate and your lips will also feel less dry.

5. Fatigue

If your body does not get enough water, it will go into a kind of sleep mode to prevent dehydration. This will lower your energy level and make you feel tired.

6. Being hungry

Often the fact that you are hungry can indicate that you are slightly dehydrated, so it is best to drink a glass of filtered tap water from your mineral water cooler Melbourne before you snack.

7. Restlessness

Irritable day? This can also be a sign of too little fluid in your body. So drink enough water and your mood will improve as well. A piece of chocolate might also help in this case.

Do you recognize yourself in these signals? Then it is time to drink more!
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