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Mineral Water Cooler Canberra

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Drinking from your mineral water cooler Canberra

Healthy drink water from a mineral water cooler Canberra

Mineral Water Cooler Canberra   Water Coolers Canberra

Leg cramps are painful, long-lasting contractions of the leg muscles. Usually, it concerns the calf muscles, sometimes also the foot or thigh muscles. The cramps often occur at night and upon waking.

The following things can cause the cramps:

  • a shortage of sodium (a component of salt);
  • a lack of oxygen in the muscles (eg during intensive exertion);
  • sudden movements after a long rest period;
  • dehydration; drink plenty from your mineral water cooler Canberra
  • diuretic medication;
  • cholesterol lowers (statins);
  • fluid build-up in the legs (edema);
  • pregnancy;
  • diseases of the leg nerves.
Usually, however, no provoking factor is found.

Who does it occur with?

Leg muscle cramps occur in people of all ages, but mainly in the elderly. Women would suffer from it more often, especially during pregnancy.

How can you recognize it?

Leg cramps suddenly occur. The muscle contracts painfully and feels hard. You can temporarily no longer use them during the cramp. Leg cramps usually go away on their own.

How does your doctor diagnose the condition?

The doctor will examine your legs and look at the skin, blood flow, sensitivity, presence of fluid or varicose veins and the condition of the muscles. He will draw blood to determine, among other things, the salts, glucose (blood sugar) and the functioning of the thyroid gland.

What can you do yourself?

You can relax the cramped muscle by stretching it. You do this by placing your weight on the affected leg and bending the knee so that your calf is stretched. When you are in bed, you can pull your toes towards you. You can prevent muscle cramps in the legs by drinking enough from your mineral water cooler Canberra. With heavy efforts and very warm weather, it is best to add salt and sugar to the water. You can buy sachets ORS (oral rehydration solution) from the pharmacy, which contain both elements. Use 1 sachet per half liter of water. You can also simply buy isotonic drinks. If you very often have painful cramps, or if it disturbs your sleep, you should consult your doctor.

What can your doctor do?

If your doctor finds an underlying cause for the cramps, he will treat it. Medicines for muscle cramps often have side effects and are of little help, therefore you could try to drink a litle more from a minerals water cooler Canberra. The effect of magnesium supplements has often been studied, but the results are contradictory. There is no evidence to date that it really helps. It is best to discuss this with your doctor.

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