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Hot and Cold Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 25 June 2020

Poor sleep due to water shortage, drink more from your hot and cold water cooler Melbourne

Hot and Cold Water Cooler Melbourne

A lot of water is lost during sleep. This is mainly done through exhalation, but it may also be that some people sweat excessively. Another way to lose fluid is to sleep with your mouth open. This water shortage cannot be made up during sleep. You may sleep restlessly. The body will tend to want to wake up so that water can be drunk. Pricing: Water Coolers Melbourne

How do you take the right minerals?

It is important to take in sufficient minerals together with water. You do this as follows: you dissolve a tablespoon of Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt in a glass bottle or jam jar. Then you add water so that it dissolves. It doesn't matter if salt remains on the bottom. There is relatively a little too much salt in the water, but water has such a dissolving power that the maximum ensures exactly the right composition. Then you need to put a teaspoon of the self-created mineral water in a glass of water. You can also do it with a fruit or vegetable smoothie. This way you get enough salt in an easily absorbable way for the body.

Why not ordinary kitchen salt? There are three reasons why you should not use ordinary table salt:
  • Lack of minerals,
  • Artificial iodine and
  • Anti-caking agent.
Minerals from Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt contain, in addition to sodium, which is found in ordinary table salt, 84 other minerals. It is not very healthy to take table salt because it is a refined salt form. Once table salt enters the body, it will form a natural composition with other minerals present in the body, which means that minerals are extracted from the body. As a rule, older people sleep a little less well than young people when it comes to poor sleep due to a lack of moisture. Drinking enough water from a hot and cold water cooler Melbourne in combination with the intake of minerals can completely normalize the sleep pattern.

Do not use artificial iodine

Iodine is an artificial addition to the salt, while organic iodine is first extracted from normal salt. This is an indication that the world of the salt industry is completely upside down. Table salt contains a synthetic form of iodine. It is known in scientific circles that iodine in organic form is much healthier than artificial or synthetic iodine. Now leave organic iodine in Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt! The choice is therefore made quickly.

Aluminum in supermarket salt

The anti-caking agent in salt often contains aluminum (E554). In small quantities this can be a useful trace element, but there is relatively a lot of aluminum in table salt. Incidentally, E503 or magnesium carbonate can also be used as anti-caking agent, of which hitherto no harmful effects are known. Due to E554, table salt has become an unhealthy substance associated with Alzheimer's and which can damage the placenta during pregnancy. Unrefined table salt has all kinds of medicinal properties. That's how it lowers blood pressure. People with higher blood pressure may suffer from a less good night's sleep. That is also why it is important to eat unrefined salt. This is rarely available in the supermarket; there, table salt, which only contains sodium chloride, is sold under the name sea salt. That is folklore because there are no sea minerals in this so-called sea salt. The government allows this misleading title. Besides, sea salt from the supermarket is often deliberately made coarser so that it must resemble real sea salt. Multinationals such as Akzo Nobel are doing everything they can to give the consumer the illusion that their salt is healthy. There are many good minerals in the water from a hot and cold water cooler Melbourne.

Pharmacy and poor sleep

Pharmaceutical drugs for poor sleep have all kinds of side effects. The most famous side effect is habituation; that means that you need more and more sleeping pills. Sometimes the side effect is even: headache and restlessness. This should be enough information for patients to fend off the drug, but many people are so used to taking a pill with a disease that they don't even think about it. The fact that water can offer healing to most sleeping patients is very logical and clear; it is so obvious that no one believes it.

Medicinal plants without side effect in insomnia

In addition to the fact that water can cure sleep problems, it is the case that there are medicinal plants that can be used for insomnia. These medicinal plants are very effective and have hardly any side effects.
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