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Hot and Cold Water Cooler Canberra

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Causes of calf pain, drink more from a hot and cold water cooler Canberra

Hot and cold water cooler Canberra from Prestige Water

Hot and Cold Water Cooler Cabnerra   Water Coolers Canberra

Moisture shortage

It does not only occur with amateur athletes. Experienced athletes sometimes have cramps in the calves due to a lack of moisture. You sweat a lot during exercise, so you lose moisture and sodium. Sodium plays an important role in muscle contractions. When you run out of fluid and sodium, muscles can sometimes contract involuntarily. That is why it is important to keep drinking enough from your hot and cold water cooler Canberra before, during and after exercise.

Wrong shoes

We have written before about the importance of good footwear. They provide cushioning and absorb the shocks caused by running or jumping. Besides, they provide the right stability, which also prevents other injuries such as shin splints.


Whether it arises from enthusiasm or a certain training pressure, we often want too fast and too much. Too rapid an increase in training intensity can overload your calves or other parts of your body. So rest in time. This can even cause nasty injuries like whiplash. Hereby the calf muscle partially tears, causing acute severe pain in the calves. It literally feels like you have been whipped against your calves. Hence the name. You will have to stop your training immediately and rebuild it slowly. You can also be 'easy' for this. Also try to rest regularly, you must know how much rest you need between sports.

Poor blood flow

There are so many minerals in the water after filtration from your hot and cold water cooler Canberra. The veins in general carry the blood from the heart throughout the body and back to the heart. This prevents the blood (from gravity) from 'sinking' to the lowest point of your body. Think about your legs and feet. Poor blood flow can be caused by, for example, too much inactivity of the body, overweight, pregnancy, smoking, age, etc. This can cause swollen or even painful legs.

You do this against it

There are nasty risks associated with the aforementioned causes of calf pain. Varicose veins, thrombosis or incurable wounds. That is why it is important to be ahead of this as much as possible. In addition to drinking enough water and buying the right footwear, there are several other things you can do to prevent pain in your calves. For example, it is important to exercise sufficiently. As a result, the muscles are constantly contracted, which improves your blood flow. Drinking plenty from a hot and cold water cooler Canberra will help your blood flow.

When exercising you must do a good warm-up and cool down. Due to this gradual build-up and breakdown of physical activities, the removal of waste is better and faster.

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