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Hot and Cold Water Cooler Adelaide

Posted by Peter on 29 June 2020

16 tips against muscle pain, drink plenty from a hot and cold water cooler Adelaide

Hot and Cold Water Cooler Adelaide

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If you stand on skis untrained, you will feel it in your legs the next day. Not surprising! Yet we often get enough antics that cause muscle pain. How do you promote the recovery of your muscles? And how can you prevent muscle pain (next time)? We give effective tips that you can easily apply!

Muscle pain is a signal from the body that muscles, tendons and joints are (too) heavily loaded. If you have muscle pain, give your muscles time to recover. If you want to prevent muscle pain next time, we also have a few tips that you can easily apply.

Tips to prevent muscle pain

Prevention is better than cure. Something that also applies to muscle pain. Although muscle pain is not necessarily harmful, you can (partly) prevent it. How? With these tips!

  • Eat a protein- and carbohydrate-rich meal after your workout. This ensures an increased protein synthesis and thus a better muscle recovery capacity. For example, eat a bowl of cottage cheese with a banana.
  • Provide a good warm-up and cool-down. With a warm-up, you prepare your muscles for a considerable effort and with a cool-down, you prevent your muscles from resting too quickly and the body cools down quickly.
  • Take a warm shower. A warm bath, warm compress, infrared lamp or a visit to the sauna also warm the muscles. This improves circulation and waste products (lactic acid!) Can be removed faster.
  • Drink enough water from your hot and cold water cooler Adelaide. This ensures that the waste materials are diluted and can be broken down more easily.
  • Put magnesium, calcium and potassium on your menu. Magnesium is found in legumes, nuts, seeds, green (leaf) vegetables, grapefruit and apricots. You can find calcium in dairy and potassium, among other things, in potatoes, dairy products, vegetables, fruit and nuts.
  • Have a good training schedule. Research shows that if you slowly increase weight, speed or distance, there is a smaller chance of muscle pain. Especially when you are just starting out, it is nice to follow a schedule. This allows you to progress, but (largely) omits the muscle pain.
  • Get enough calories. Your muscles need energy (calories) to grow. In other words, you have to eat more and / or differently to prevent muscle pain.
  • Know your body. Determine what type of physique you have. This affects how you can best train and how you recover after a workout.
  • Wear good sports clothes. Especially if you do outdoor sports in winter: avoid getting cold. Then you can become stiff and force muscle pain. Bring an extra jacket for after training and / or wear a hat and gloves.

Tips to fix muscle pain, drink healthy water from a hot and cold water cooler Adelaide

What if you still suffer from muscle pain? Then it especially makes sense to improve blood flow where you have muscle pain. This improves the oxygen supply and also removes lactic acid faster. You can do this for better blood flow. Great tasting water from a hot and cold water cooler Adelaide.
  • Pamper your muscles with arnica. Arnica (arnica) is one of the best known natural remedies for bruises, sprains and muscle pain. According to research, it has a relaxing effect on muscles because it removes waste products faster in the painful area and accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue. This medicine is used in creams, oils and gels.
  • Get under the wool. Sleeping helps against muscle pain that occurs a day after the effort. There are small cracks in the muscles that only recover with rest.
  • Move slowly. Give your muscles time to recover. That doesn't mean you should stretch out on the couch. It was not! Keep moving slowly; this promotes blood flow, so that muscle pain can disappear.
  • Use a tool: the foam roller. Roll over a foam roller with your sore muscles. This allows you to exert pressure and stimulate the circulation of your muscles. The great thing about a foam roller is that you can specifically "massage" the body parts that hurt.
  • Repeat the exercise that hurt. Sounds crazy, but research shows this can help. Do the activity again the next day, but a few teeth lower.
  • Use other muscles. For example, if you have pain in your lower leg, go for a swim. And if you have pain in your shoulder, go for a run. This way you keep moving, but you do not relieve the painful muscle.
  • Be realistic. Do you have muscle pain over and over? Maybe it is not the right sport for you.
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