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Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Perth

Posted by Peter on 22 June 2020

6 Symptoms of drinking too little water from a healthy drinking water cooler Perth

Alkaline Filtered Healthy Water Cooler Perth for The Office and Home

Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Perth

A chronic fluid shortage can cause more damage to your health in the long run than many people think. When you drink too little, the first symptoms are that you become thirsty and your mouth and throat feel dry. You are automatically inclined to have a drink. But if you drink too little water for too long, other symptoms may also appear. Moisture is required for all body parts to function properly. It is, therefore, necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to keep your body healthy and your organs function properly. Pricing: Water Coolers Perth

Bad breath

If your body is always short of moisture, you will suffer from bad breath more quickly than if you are well hydrated. Saliva contains bacteria that ensure that food residues and other substances can be digested. If you have a dry mouth due to too little saliva, it goes without saying that food residues cannot be removed properly. This causes bad breath and the feeling of a dry mouth.

Concentration problems

Your brain is about 80% fluid. So you need a lot of water from a healthy drinking water cooler Perth to make your brain function properly. If you drink too little, you will notice that you have poor concentration and cannot focus properly on your goals. You are quickly stimulated and have no energy to commit to important matters. So drink enough water to keep your brain working optimally. Certainly, in busy times, some people forget to drink well.


When you are in a high temperature for a long period, such as during holidays, your body can show a sign of lethargy when you are short of moisture. This is caused by low blood pressure. All energy goes to balancing the circulation. Because this costs a lot of energy due to lack of moisture, you feel lifeless and lethargic.


Constipation occurs in people who get too little fluid for a very long time. Your intestinal system needs a lot of moisture to absorb all important nutrients. Besides, a lot of moisture is required to expel the excess substances and feces. The fluid acts as a kind of spread for your intestines. When you are short of moisture you will, therefore, have a difficult bowel movement.

Increased heart rate

Shortage of fluid also has major consequences for your heart and your heart rhythm. A heart rhythm disorder from dehydration occurs when you have a large amount of fluid for a few weeks. The blood plasma volume decreases, as a result of which the blood becomes viscous and can be pumped less well. Healthy drinking water coolers Perth from Prestige Water.

Scaly skin

Your skin is your largest organ and uses the most moisture of all. Moisture is badly needed to keep your skin elastic. So it goes without saying that when your skin is deficient in moisture, it becomes dry and flaky. Shortage of moisture also causes wrinkles in the skin. To keep your skin young for as long as possible, it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

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