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Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 23 June 2020

Drink plenty from your healthy drinking water cooler Melbourne

Alkaline Healthy Drinking Water Melbourne with Minerals

Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Melbourne

It may sound contradictory, but keep drinking enough. If you drink too little, your body will retain moisture. If you drink enough, the body can excrete salts and other substances better through the kidneys. A lower amount of salt and waste in the body reduces edema. Prices: Water Coolers Melbourne

Salt usage

As stated above, salt retains moisture. So also limiting salt intake will reduce edema. Therefore, use very little salt in the food. Avoid foods that contain a lot of salts such as chips, licorice, pretzels, nuts, pastries, reduce or stop the use of seasonings such as soy sauce, soy sauce and stock cubes in soup or gravy. There is also often a lot of salt in ready meals and canned food because salt as a preservative extends the shelf life. Did you know that ice cream also contains a lot of salt?


Get enough exercise to stimulate muscle activity and circulation. The activity of the muscles causes the blood to be pushed from the legs or arms to the trunk. We call this the muscle pump mechanism. Light exercises like a 20-minute walk indoors every 20 minutes already do a lot. Some more activity is even better. Go for a walk or cycle regularly if you can. Make sure you are drinking enough from your healthy drinking water cooler Melbourne. What is not good is suddenly a lot of exercises because "you have to".

Sleeping position

By raising the foot of your bed, gravity provides additional drainage of edema from the legs. A pillow under the mattress is enough. Many beds can now be adjusted via the bed base.


The choice of diet can increase edema, but it can also reduce it. Obesity has a negative effect on edema. Besides, certain diuretic foods have been known from the past: celery, parsley and horseradish were already used in the Middle Ages to drain moisture. Drink more from a healthy drinking water cooler Melbourne.

If it gets worse:

If the above tips against fluid retention in the legs do not help and it starts to become a problem, a visit to the doctor or an edema physiotherapist is recommended to look at the underlying cause and start a specific targeted treatment. In any case, if you do not trust the situation or cause, it is important not to "do doctors" yourself first, but to get expert advice. Serious conditions such as kidney failure, decompensation of the heart and high blood pressure can also cause edema. Also in addition to a possible treatment against edema via the doctor or physiotherapist, the above measures will help you and support you to get rid of the fluid faster.
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