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Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Canberra

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

5x tips for muscle pain, Water Coolers Canberra

Great drinking water from a healthy drinking water cooler Canberra

Healthy Drinking Water Cooler CanberraWater Coolers Canberra

Muscle Pain: Most athletes have a love-hate relationship with it. Muscle pain is painful, but it often means that you have trained well. In this week's blog, we give you five tips to help you limit muscle soreness, with an emphasis on pain.

Muscle pain is caused by small tears in your muscles, which you get during heavy exertion. Your muscles grow when the cracks are repaired with extra tissue. So muscle pain is actually a very good sign when you are building muscle. Your body needs plenty of water from a healthy drinking water cooler Canberra.

The fact that the final effect is positive does not mean that muscle pain feels nice. If you suffer a lot during the day you want to get rid of this as soon as possible. In this blog you will find our five tips for muscle pain.

1. Eat enough protein and carbohydrates

Nutrition plays an important role in achieving your sports goals. Without proper nutrition, your muscles will not grow. Proteins and carbohydrates are important nutrients to get in for optimal muscle building and to recover from muscle pain. This ensures an increased protein synthesis, which promotes the recovery of your muscles.

2. Are you sleeping enough?

Do you sleep less than 8 hours a day? Then you probably don't get enough sleep. That can be one of the reasons that you suffer from muscle pain. During your sleep, your body really has time to recover. Adequate sleep is therefore essential when you train a lot and heavy. If you sleep too little, your results will be disappointing, no matter how hard you train. To reduce the chance of muscle pain, you must get enough sleep. The recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours per night, but this can vary per person.

3. Combine heat and cold

We understand that not everyone has the option of sitting in an ice bath after your workout, but a shower can help you recount faster. If you alternate hot and cold water, you ensure that your blood circulation starts. Switching between 40 degrees and 10 degrees every two minutes is a good guide. It takes a while, but it gives you less muscle pain.

4. Do that cool down anyway

After a hard workout, you probably don't feel like it at all, but don't forget the cool-down. By cooling down after your workout, your body gradually cools down and your circulation adapts slowly again. As a result, waste such as lactic acid is removed faster. This is a substance that is released during heavy exertion and slows down the recovery of the muscles. After a heavy leg training you can still go home with the leg car.

5. Drink, drink, drink from a healthy drinking water cooler Canberra

Drink enough water to keep your muscles supple. Shoot the cramps in your muscles? Your body signals that you should drink more. Do you also enjoy a nice cup of coffee? Then we have good news! Research shows that caffeine works well against muscle pain. You can notice positive effects of this when you do strength training. When a strength athlete drinks 5 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight before exercise, the muscle pain is considerably less than when the workout is performed without caffeine. So feel free to drink a cup from your healthy drinking water cooler Canberra before exercising.

With these tips you can start your next workout fresh. Good luck!
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