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Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Adelaide

Posted by Peter on 25 June 2020

Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Adelaide for muscle pain.

Drink more water with minerals from your own healthy drinking water cooler Adelaide

Healthy Drinking Water Cooler Adelaide

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How to deal with muscle cramps and muscle pain during exercise?

Sudden cramps or pain in your muscles during exercise is quite difficult. Usually this feeling of discomfort disappears after a few minutes, but the tense muscle will still feel hard for a while. A cramp is usually quite harmless, but when it comes on during an effort it is not easy to get rid of it quickly. In this update, we, therefore, highlight several possible causes of muscle cramps and pain and how to prevent them:

Physical overload of the muscle, A poor diet that does not provide enough nutrients for the muscle.

Loss of fluid due to heavy sweating which can make you dehydrated and / or the loss of many minerals (mainly sodium) through sweat

Flow chart

We have created a handy flow chart with the different causes and solutions for cramps during exercise. You can find it at the bottom of this update.

Physical overload

The main cause of cramps during exercise is probably a disturbance of the nerves in the muscle due to physical overload. Fatigue can, of course, arise from various causes:

Your condition is insufficient for the type of effort you are trying to exert = the muscle cannot handle the load. For example, you walk with a group of runners who run too fast for you. You are not used to the movement or the load at all. For example, when performing a new sport, many people experience muscle cramps that they have often never felt before. You have been exercising for a long time or intensively so that the muscle is systematically exhausted. For example: at the end of a long bike ride in the mountains. You do not provide enough rest between different efforts so that your muscles are not sufficiently recovered.

There is another cause that overloads the muscle, such as a leg length difference.

So make sure that your fitness and training load are coordinated and are drinking enough from your healthy drinking water cooler Adelaide.

Muscles that are not flexible enough to perform a certain movement are more sensitive to cramp and cause an injury (eg muscle tear). Even after an effort in which you maintain the same posture for a long time, muscles can become stiff and suddenly contract uncontrollably. You can also get stiff muscles after sitting or lying in the same position for a long time or when you are very tense. When you make a sporting effort, you can be more sensitive to muscle cramps. So make sure you are flexible enough for the type of effort you put in.

A poor diet

If you do not match your energy intake to your energy consumption and take too little energy and nutrients, you increase the risk of muscle cramps. For example, if you follow a strict diet to lose weight, and also exercise more, you will have too much energy. Moreover, you also take much less vitamins and minerals, and these minerals can lead to muscle cramps in case of a shortage. You find plenty of minerals in the water you drink from your own healthy drinking water cooler Adelaide.

So what you eat and drink before and during training or competition is important. During training, test your food and drink that you will use during competition. This way your body can get used to your dietary habits, absorb, store and use the nutrients more efficiently.

This way you can also be sure that your body tolerates everything well. You will have enough fuel to complete the effort. With an energy shortage, the chance of muscle cramps will immediately increase. During competitions, you push your body just a little harder than during training, which increases the chance of muscle cramps (see physical overload).

To ensure sufficient intake of energy, vitamins and minerals by eating many different foods (especially fruits and vegetables). There are many minerals in the water from a healthy drinking water cooler Adelaide. Provide enough carbohydrates during exercise and regularly refine your nutritional strategy during training.

Moisture and mineral loss

Heavy sweating and insufficient drinking causes dehydration and this increases the sensitivity to cramps. You can easily check whether you have drunk enough based on the color of your urine, and based on your body weight before and an effort.

Whoever sweats also loses electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium ... and these electrolytes are necessary for optimal muscle function. How much salt (especially sodium) is lost during sweating is very individual, but the more you lose, the more likely you are to have muscle cramps.

You often see the loss of salt on your sports clothes after exercise. When they are marked with white spots, for example under the armpits, then you are someone who may lose a lot of salt (see note) and therefore benefit from collecting extra electrolytes.
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