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Floor Standing Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 17 June 2020

This happens if you drink too little water from your Floor Standing Water Cooler Melbourne

Great tasting filtered water cooler Melbourne Benchtop and Floor Standing

Floor Standing Water Cooler Melbourne

The age-old advice is guaranteed to blow your mind during this heat wave: drink enough water! Yes, we know that now. We all sometimes have a dry mouth from thirst or start to get a little headache after a long day in the sun. Oops, we might have had to drink an extra glass of water. But what if you consistently drink too little water?

From now on we will make sure that we drink enough from our Floor Standing water cooler Melbourne.

1. Grumpy

In the short term, thirst makes you feel bad. People who drink too little water are more likely to be tired, cranky and emotional. They are more sensitive to stimuli and can even get a little confused. You may not immediately feel thirsty, but due to the water shortage, it quickly has an effect on your mood.

2. Eating

Those who drink little are hungry sooner. Often you confuse the signals of thirst with hunger and instead of a glass of water you reach for the snacks. Research has also shown that if you drink two glasses of water before your meal, you will eat about 90 calories less. This may sound like little, but for three months it could mean you lose 1.5 pounds more. More details: Water Coolers Melbourne

3. Combustion

If your body doesn't get enough fluid, your burning rate will slow down. That is why you burn fewer calories, because your body goes into "energy saving mode". So if you consistently drink too little water, this can result in you gaining weight faster.

4. Thinking

This shocked us: if you drink too little, your brain shrinks. This is also why you get a headache with dehydration. But, don't panic too much, your brain will expand back to its normal size once you have drunk enough again. If your brain drinks too little water, it takes more effort to think, making everything a little more difficult. It does not make you dumber, but a little slower.

5. Wrinkles

Of course, if you don't drink enough, your skin will also dry out. This will help you get fine lines and eventually wrinkles. If you drink enough, these fine lines are filled with water and so you look younger and fresher. In the long term, you are less likely to get wrinkles if you always drink enough from your filtered floor standing water cooler Melbourne.

6. Diseases

In the long term, people who consistently drink little water are more likely to suffer from conditions such as kidney stones, heart attacks and even some types of cancer. We immediately pour another glass.
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