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Floor Standing Water Cooler Canberra

Posted by Peter on 17 June 2020

How do you know if you are dehydrated? 9 symptoms you shouldn't ignore. Drink plenty of water from your floor standing water cooler Canberra

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Drinking plenty of water on hot days is a fact. Still, for many of us, it is a serious task to consume that daily amount of 1.5 to 2 liters of water. Let alone drinking even more during the summer months. Be alert for the symptoms below that may indicate dehydration.

You have a great thirst and a dry mouth

Your body cannot give a clearer signal. If you are feeling thirsty, you can pride yourself on not drinking enough. The message is to start drinking right away.

You are sleepy, confused or irritable

Even a small form of dehydration can lead to drowsiness, confusion or mood swings. Drinking water from your floor standing water cooler Canberra gives you energy and makes you more alert.

You suffer from dry eyes or cloudy vision

When we are hot, our body cools down by sweating. As a result, we lose a lot of moisture. If we lose too much moisture without replenishing our moisture level, there is a chance that this will translate into dry eyes or cloudy vision.

Headaches arise

A shortage of water can lead to a headache. After all, our brains consist of 75% water. If these do not get enough fluid, the blood vessels expand to catch as much of the moisture that is left as possible. They then press against the meninges causing you to get a headache.

You experience excruciating muscle cramps

You will lose a lot of fluid and sodium through excessive sweating. As a result, your muscles involuntarily contract, resulting in muscle cramps. Especially when exercising in the heat, it is important to drink enough water or sports drinks.

You notice that you sweat little or not

If you are dealing with dehydration, your body will do everything it can to supply your organs with sufficient moisture. The little moisture that remains will in no way go out through the sweat. Not sweating at times when you actually should be doing so is not as positive as you might think. Drinking is the message.

Your urine turns dark yellow

If your urine turns dark yellow, you know that there is something wrong with the fluid balance in your body. Urine consists of water and waste products that are produced by the kidneys. With a shortage of fluid, your kidneys keep up with the water and the urine becomes more concentrated. Attention, some foods or medicines have an effect on the color of your urine. So don't panic right away.

You have a fever

Because you drink too little from your floor standing water cooler Canberra, your body does not have enough moisture to sweat. Your body has trouble cooling down and could develop a fever.

You notice changes in your skin elasticity

Your skin consists of 30% water. That water is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Check that you are hydrated by pulling on your skin. If it jumps back immediately then there is no problem. If it takes a little longer before it is in its original shape, you may be dehydrated. In addition to elasticity, dry skin that feels cool and clammy is also a signal of dehydration.

Do you notice one or more symptoms? Try to rehydrate your body as soon as possible. Drink in small amounts and try to make up for nutrient deficiencies like salt and sugar with a bag of salty chips or a sweet. In the event of severe dehydration, hospitalization is inevitable. Better to prevent than to cure. Find here all you need to know: Water Coolers Canberra
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