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Filtered Water Cooler Brisbane

Posted by Peter on 12 June 2020

How many glasses of filtered water from your water cooler Brisbane should you drink per day?

Filtered Water Cooler Brisbane


It will come as no surprise to learn that water is important to stay alive. It is not without reason that the earth consists of about 70% water. We too cannot do without water. More than 60% of our body weight consists of H2O. Obviously that's not the only thing, water keeps us alive. For example, it regulates body temperature, keeps our joints flexible and ensures numerous processes in our body. In short, we cannot do without water. Find all about filtered water here: Water Coolers Brisbane

How many glasses of water per day is enough?

When asked "how many glasses of water should you drink per day?" There are several different answers. The American Institute of Medicine, say the counterpart of the nutrition center, advises women to consume an average of 2.7 liters of fluid. For men, that value is 3.7 liters. This is abundant compared to the standards. The Nutrition Center recommends drinking at least 2 liters of fluid. That doesn't mean it has to be specific water. Moisture is also present in other products such as fruit, just like in soup and vegetables. Since we consume about 20% of our daily fluid intake through vegetables, the other 80% should be consumed through regular drinking.

You should drink more water from your filtered water cooler Brisbane when you exercise

However, the actual fluid intake is not fixed. Someone who does a lot of sports, heavy physical exertion or is relatively heavy will need more fluid than the average person. Especially for those who exercise fanatically, it is important to take in enough fluid. Muscle cells simply have a higher water concentration than fat cells. So someone with more muscle mass will need more water than someone with more fat.

How much water per day as an athlete

Other factors to consider include pregnancy and breastfeeding. In both situations there is a greater need for moisture, as well as in case of illness and an environment with extreme temperatures.

What counts as water?

Although water is often seen as essential for many nutritionists, it is not strictly necessary to limit yourself to water. Great tasting water from your own filtered water cooler Brisbane. Other products can also help to consume enough moisture. Think for example of milk, coffee and tea. However, alcoholic drinks are out of the question because of the diuretic effect. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration.

Counts coffee as water

The use of dairy products may be advisable. For example, apart from the amount of moisture, milk contains a lot of protein, calcium and vitamin D. Although sugary drinks such as cola would be good in theory, it is advisable not to drink too much. These drinks usually do not contain important nutrients. An exception is fruit juice, but a warning is also needed here. Too much (fruit) juice causes an increase in sugar without you getting enough fiber that you would get by eating the same fruit (s).

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