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Benchtop Water Cooler Sydney

Posted by Peter on 15 June 2020

Filtered water from the Benchtop water cooler Sydney

Benchtop Water Cooler Sydney

Do you often feel tired, confused or irritable in the office without any obvious reason? Maybe you drink too little! If your brain only gets 2 percent too little fluid, your mood and productivity take a dip. This is because our brains consist of 85% water and can only function properly with a constant water supply. If this is not there, we become slow, sloppy and not exactly more fun ...

In short: you want to prevent this. But is it that easy to solve by just drinking a glass of water? Well, it is! An experiment from a neuropsychological study showed that a test group who drank a glass of water before performing a mentally challenging task was 14% faster than the group who had not. So your brain benefits directly.

At Prestige Water, we therefore like to help our customers to drink more water. We do this by offering free filterd tap water from our benchtop water cooler Sydney, sustainable water initiatives and a tempting Water Bar for example.

Benefits of good hydration

In addition to better alertness and higher concentration, drinking enough water also benefits the rest of your body. Think of beautiful skin, good digestion, lower blood pressure and more energy! All effects that contribute to a good mood.

How much water should you drink?

I think you now have enough reasons to seriously do your best to drink more water, right? Beautiful! Now the practical part: how do you ensure that you drink enough water and keep this up? The Nutrition Center advises you to drink one and a half to two liters of water per day. You can calculate this in about nine glasses with about 200 milliliters of water. More details here: Water Coolers Sydney

Adequate drinking throughout the (working) day

You drink most of your daily amount of water during the day from the new benchtop water cooler Sydney, during your office hours. In general, these are also the hours in which you ask the most of your brain. Therefore, try to divide six glasses of water over these hours. Divide the other three in one glass before you go to work and two glasses in the evening, and you're done! The biggest challenge is to get your six glasses during working hours, where you often have multiple priorities at the same time.

On the advice of the Nutrition Center to give guests the option to drink free tap water in every company restaurant, you will find a water tap in every restaurant.

You can already score one of your six glasses of water during lunch! Hereby our tips:

1. Out of sight, out of mind

Keep your bottle or glass of water in sight and within reach as much as possible. For example, put it on your desk. This way you will be reminded faster that you need to drink water and you just have to stretch your arm for it. Easy does it! Make sure you fill your empty bottle or glass right away when you go to the toilet. (Or ask that colleague who is going for a round of coffee)

2. Long live technology

Nowadays we no longer have to remember everything ourselves; we have our digital agendas for that. Therefore, set reminders on your laptop and / or on your smartphone to drink water regularly. Set three reminders for the morning hours and three for the afternoon. There are even special drinking apps that track how much you drink and send reminders. No more excuses!

3. Choose logical drinking moments

It takes someone an average of 66 days to learn a habit. We can imagine that you don't like to get the same pop up six times a day telling you to drink water for 66 days. So only do this in the first weeks and make sure you immediately choose logical moments for yourself to drink water. For example, drink a glass of water before every meal and every snack. We don't forget food so quickly!

4. Pimp your water

You may not really appreciate the taste of water. It is pretty boring. Therefore, add pieces of fresh or frozen fruit to your water bottle. This gives it more flavor and also looks more attractive. Also remember that your body gets a lot of moisture from eating water-rich fruits and vegetables; such as cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes and zucchini. Great tasting filtered alkaline water from your benchtop water cooler Sydney.

Also we like to tempt our guests to drink more water, by making it more attractive. For example, you will find a Waterbar at our catering location at the Waternet Headquarters (Amsterdam) where guests can pimp their glass of water with fresh garden herbs, spices and sugar-free syrups. Fun and tasty!

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