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Benchtop Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 15 June 2020

We all know that we should drink a lot of water from a benchtop water cooler Melbourne.

Drink plenty of alkaline water from your Benchtop or Floor Standing Water Cooler Melbourne

Benchtop Water Cooler Melbourne

Not only is it good for your weight and health, it also benefits your skin. One and a half liters per day is the minimum and although we all know that, a recent study by SodaStream shows that this is not a feasible figure for everyone. New design of the benchtop water cooler Melbourne.

Just over half of Australians (51%) think you should drink about 2 liters of water a day. 40% think that 1 liter is sufficient and 8% think that you should only reach for your glass of water if you are thirsty. More information and prices can be found here: Water Coolers Melbourne

However, there appears to be some wiggle cream between theory and practice, because when asked how much the respondents drink, only 25% appears to drink two liters of water or more per day. The rest drink a maximum of 1 liter or less.

Young people do considerably better here than older people. One in three Australian between the ages of 18 and 34 drink about 8 glasses a day. For the 35 to 54 year-olds, this is 27%, for the over-55s only 18%.
drinking water bottled water tap water water tips. Benchtop water cooler Melbourne with filtration systen for the best quality drinking water.

One in five also thinks bottled water is healthier than tap water, a persistent misunderstanding, and none of the respondents found out how much tap water costs. 20% estimates it to be twice as expensive as it is, 11% even 100 times more expensive - FYI: 1 liter of tap water costs about 0.005 euros, so for 1 euro there is about 190 liters from your tap.

When we receive visitors, only 41% consider it acceptable to serve tap water. The other 59% find it embarrassing, such a self-drawn carafe on the table, and 84% of the respondents will never order tap water at the restaurant either.

Surprising information, especially if you know that this is normal in countries such as France and Spain. When you go to a restaurant in New York, a carafe of tap water is usually the first thing that is put on your table. Here, too, the custom is gradually gaining ground - we are thinking, for example, spontaneously of the patio tables of Balls & Glory on which always tempting-looking bottles of tap water with mint and lemon are displayed - but we Australians still have to get used to it.
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