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Benchtop Water Cooler Brisbane

Posted by Peter on 12 June 2020
Benchtop Water Cooler Brisbane

How much water per day from your benchtop water cooler Brisbane?

Benchtop Water Cooler Brisbane


How much water we drink and need per day depends on how much water we consume. With sweating and urinating, among other things, we already lose 1.5 liters of fluid per day. And when we are sick or when we exercise and do a lot of sports, we also lose more fluid than usual. Our weight and gender also count towards the amount of fluid we need to consume. And when it is warm, our body also consumes much more moisture than at a normal temperature. If you want to prevent dehydration, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day from the water coolers Brisbane.

Most people drink too little water and don't even drink 1.5 liters a day. And we should actually drink even more 2 liters a day. Our body needs an average of 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. That amounts to about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. According to research, this formula differs slightly for children, but depends on weight, just like with adults. Water should be drunk all day and replenished in small portions. A glass of water consists of about 250-500 ml of water.

How much water we need during the day depends on all kinds of factors, but it is well known that it is good for us. The day we are born until we are old and gray, water will play an important role in our body.

Water or moisture?

Why is drinking water so important instead of other drinks? Ultimately, these are also made of water and if you drink them, they also quench your thirst. But water and moisture are two different things for the chemical composition of our body. Our body needs water and there is no substitute for water. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, milk and fruit juices are not the same as water. Because all manufactured drinks contain chemical additives, which can change the functioning of our central nervous system.

When to drink extra water from your benchtop water cooler Brisbane?

There are times when your body needs extra attention and extra water is very desirable. If you are sick and have a fever, your body needs extra water to regulate the temperature. But also with diarrhea, you lose a lot of fluid and it is also important to drink extra water. You also lose a lot of salt, it is wise to give some extra attention to this, for example by drinking a glass of broth.

If you do a lot of sport, you will also lose a lot of fluid and if the sport is intensive, it can mean that you can lose 1 liter of extra fluid in the hour. Then it is very wise to replenish it and therefore drink extra water.

Children and the elderly dry out earlier. But children do need less fluid than an adult. Women who are pregnant also need more fluids than normal and when they are breastfeeding it is even more important to them. If you drink a glass of alcohol, it is important to supplement it with a glass of water. Alcohol extracts the moisture from your body. So a nice cold beer or wine on a sunny day may seem thirst-quenching, you would do well to drink a glass of water with it.

How much fluid do we actually lose?

So how much fluid we lose depends on many factors. Most adults lose about half a liter a day through the skin. If you are physically active or you do sports but also a warm summer day then it is natural that you need more water. Because then you sweat more. You also lose fluid by just breathing and if you have had bowel movements. That is also about half a liter per day. And make half a liter of urine every day to remove the harmful substances from your body. The elderly make more urine in one day. That's because kidney function may decrease slightly. So then they also have to make more urine to remove the harmful substances from their body. That is an average of 700 ml in one day.

Women generally need less fluid than men. This is because the woman's body consists of approximately 52% moisture, which is slightly higher in the man, since the man's body consists of approximately 63% water. In babies that percentage is even higher as 75%. So women need less fluid, which is why they generally have more fat

We also get enough moisture from our diet. That is about 0.8 liters of water every day. Approximately 0.3 liters of moisture are released during combustion. Added together, you get about 1.1 liters of fluid without drinking. 

You are what you drink?

Did you know that water is our main component of our body. And a man is about 63% water and a woman 52%. To function properly, you must ensure that this percentage remains at the same level. So water is an important fuel for your body. When you drink water it helps your body to transport oxygen and nutrients through your body.

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