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Alkaline Water Cooler Sydney

Posted by Peter on 15 June 2020

You have to drink this much alkaline water from your water cooler Sydney every day for your health

We all know that drinking enough water is important. It is essential for our health because it keeps our body temperature and our joints lubricated and ensures that nutrients get into the right body cells. The liquid also works wonders for our skin, because it moistens it sufficiently, making it shine. Then the only question remains: how much water from your alkaline water cooler Sydney should you drink daily?

If we don't drink enough water, we will notice the consequences. Even if we are slightly dehydrated, we can feel nauseous, lose our appetite, and sometimes even stop making simple physical efforts. How much fluid you need to consume per day depends on your gender, according to the Institute of Medicine. For a woman, this is 2.7 liters, while for a man it is 3.7 liters. That may seem like a lot, but that recommendation is about the total amount of fluids you should consume every day and therefore also includes water-rich foods, such as vegetables and fruit. If you disregard foods, it comes down to 9 glasses of water for women and 12 glasses for men.

The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says it is a general guideline. Therefore, other factors must also be taken into account, such as the level of physical activity, the physique and even the climate of the country where you live. If you walk often, you naturally need more fluids, because you lose a lot of sweat. In addition, athletically built people need more water for their muscle cells. Finally, in warm countries, residents should logically drink more. However, it is also not good to exceed the daily amount. Top athletes who consume too much water without electrolytes can develop sodium levels that are too low, resulting in muscle cramps and concentration disorders.

Which water?

Water Coolers Sydney, your water filtration specialists. It is undoubtedly still best to drink pure water from the tap or the bottled variant. Fortunately, if you get tired of the neutral taste in the long run, there are other alternatives. Splashing water, milk, tea and coffee are also good to replenish your daily liquid supply but do not use alcohol too often, because that will dry you out. If you think you've had enough, you can eat water-rich fruits, such as watermelons, oranges, apples and grapes. In terms of vegetables, it is best to consume cucumber, lettuce, celery and cabbages.

Tips to drink more water from a alkaline water cooler Sydney

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the right amount of water every day, but these tips will get you closer to your goal. Drink from a small bottle and keep topping up, as it will empty more quickly and encourages you to continue drinking, while a large bottle can be daunting. Put that bottle at home in front of you, so that you cannot forget it and take it everywhere with you when you leave your home so that you also keep your liquid level on the go. Drink a glass of water with every meal, then you already have a good portion three times a day. If it is mainly the bland taste of water that holds you back, add your favorite fruits or herbs to pimp it. Don't just think about lemons, because raspberries, strawberries and mint are also possible.

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