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Alkaline Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 17 June 2020

Do you drink enough alkaline water from your water cooler Melbourne? These are the symptoms that show that you drink too little water.

Alkaline Water Cooler Melbourne

Do you drink enough? Check out the 10 symptoms of drinking too little water! And how much water should you drink per day?

I drink too little. I mean water! Sometimes at the end of the day, I only have a cafe latte. It is not unwillingness, drinking is just not in my system. In all the hectic work and having a family with young children, I just forget. I never noticed it and I never saw it as a problem. Until I recently sat in the beautician's chair and she read my skin that I have far too little moisture in my body. It triggered me to look it up on the internet and there I encountered many more symptoms of drinking too little water. I was just shocked. I recognized almost all complaints! But I had never linked them all to a lack of moisture. Drink more from the water coolers Melbourne.

Symptoms of drinking too little water

When my tongue hung like a leather rag in my mouth or my piss stank, I sometimes thought: "Joh Miek, you should have had a glass more!" But I did not expect that my fatigue, concentration problems and perhaps even the extra kilos that do not want to get rid of it could also be a result of drinking too little water. These are some of the symptoms I encountered. Below I have listed them all and my doctor has read them.


Obviously, but thirst is the very first symptom of drinking too little water. Your body gives you a signal like this; it's time for a glass of alkaline water from your alkaline water cooler Melbourne.

Dry mouth, throat & tongue

The next sign is dry mucous membranes in the mouth. Your mouth and throat feel dry. A signal with which your body indicates that it really needs moisture.

Headache & dizziness

Your brain cells are especially sensitive to a lack of fluid. If you drink too little (alkaline water cooler Melbourne), you may get a headache or feel dizzy. It can also affect your memory, concentration and thinking ability.

Feel like eating

Hunger and thirst are two things that easily confuse your body. So if you get hunger signals at inexplicable times, it can also mean that your body actually asks for more fluid.


When your stool is hard or you suffer from blockages, it can also be due to too little moisture. Moisture ensures that your poo remains soft.
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