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Alkaline Water Cooler Canberra

Posted by Peter on 17 June 2020

8 Tips to prevent dehydration in the elderly by drinking from an alkaline water cooler Canberra

Alkaline Water Cooler Canberra

Recurring urinary tract infections, confusion, low blood pressure or, in the most extreme case, death. All possible consequences of dehydration, or dehydration. The nursing specialist elderly medicine knows all too well that this problem lurks especially in the elderly. Her PhD research focuses on dehydration among nursing home residents. "The biggest bottleneck is that many healthcare professionals do not recognize a chronic fluid shortage in time." Drink great tasting water from your alkaline water cooler Canberra.

What exactly is dehydration?

"Normally, the water and electrolyte balance provides a good balance between the amount of water and the amount of salt in the body. If someone drinks too little, the salt level in the body increases, the kidneys retain moisture and a thirst stimulus is created. When the balance is disturbed by too low moisture intake or too high moisture loss, this is referred to as a negative moisture balance or dehydration. "

Why is dehydration common in the elderly?

"Old age is accompanied by a number of physiological changes. First of all, body composition changes. The muscle mass decreases and the fat percentage increases. Unlike fat, muscles contain a lot of water. The total water percentage in the body, therefore, decreases in proportion. In addition, the thirst stimulus in older people no longer works well and there is a reduced ability of the kidneys to concentrate to retain water and salt. Due to these three physiological changes, due to age, the elderly are at increased risk of becoming dehydrated. " More information and pricing: Water Coolers Canberra

What are the common risk factors?

"Fever and cognitive impairment are the most researched risk factors when it comes to dehydration in nursing home residents. If someone has a fever, an alarm bell should ring. That person then loses more fluid than usual, which increases the risk of dehydration. The same goes for vomiting and diarrhea. In that case, one speaks of acute dehydration, the predictable and visible form of dehydration. Chronic dehydration occurs when someone gets too little fluid for a long time. This form of dehydration is less visible and is therefore often not recognized in time. The focus is usually only on chronic dehydration when the consequences have already set in. It is important that the dehydration is supplemented when dehydrated. This can be done orally or when this no longer works with, for example, an IV. When dehydration is detected too late, the consequences are not always reversible. In the most serious case, dehydration can cause someone to die. "

More research is needed to identify chronic dehydration better and especially early. Simone hopes to contribute to this in the future with her PhD research. "The first step is to determine, through an international study, how dehydration can be diagnosed in the nursing home in the most reliable, unambiguous way." Filtered and alkaline water cooler Canberra from Prestige Water.
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