Water Filtration Bottle

Written on the 1 October 2014 by Peter

Water Filtration Bottle

Benchtop Water Filtration Bottle   Benchtop Water Filtration Bottle: Benchtop Water Filtration Bottle

Floor Standing Water Filtration Bottle   Floor Standing Water Filtration Bottle: Floor Standing Water Filtration Bottle

Exclusive Water Filtration Bottle   Exclusive Water Filtration Bottle: Exclusive Water Filtration Bottle

Let's have a closer look at the Prestige Water filtration bottle.

The most important item of your water cooler system is the filtration bottle including the filter cartridge. We all know that tap water contains a range of harm full chemicals. Most of the time tap water looks clean, but be advised that chemicals such as chlorine and others are added to the town water supply. Tap water vs filtered water. It is better for your health and your family and or staff, not to drink these chemicals. If you own a water cooler system from Prestige Water, you can be assured that you drink the best water possible in the market today. Many of our customers are in better health after drinking clean water than ever before. So, why not see our prices and get started today to gain better health with Prestige Water

The Prestige Water filter cartridge.

Our filter cartridge has 7 stages of water filtration. Click here to find out what each filter section is removing or adding to your tap water. Our filters

We are the most prominent and fast growing company in Australia in the filtered water cooler industry. We market from the Bench Top Water Cooler, The Floor Standing Water Cooler and our Exclusive Water Cooler. All Models will have the unique filtration bottle to filter and purify your OWN tap water. This means you never will have to pay for your drinking water again, and you never run out of great tasting water for the Home of Office. Prestige Water Coolers - The most trusted name in the water cooler and water filtration industry.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?