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Written on the 26 October 2013 by Peter

Benchtop Water Coolers with Filtration   Benchtop Water Coolers with Filtration: Benchtop Water Coolers with Filtration

Floor Standing Water Coolers with Filtration   Floor Standing Water Coolers with Filtration: Floor Standing Water Coolers with Filtration

Exclusive Water Coolers with Filtration   Exclusive Water Coolers with Filtration: Exclusive Water Coolers with Filtration

Water Coolers with Filtration

Great drinking water mate from your own tap

Water usage and consumption, more particularly, water supply shortages in our urban areas are headlines across the nation.

There's pressure on all of us to better manage and improve this precious recourse now that our supply systems are facing stiff restrictions.

Delivering an 'improved' tap-water product is high on the better management agenda. One manufacturer, Prestige Water, is meeting that challenge.

Prestige Water comes up with a range of hot and cold, water filtration systems to ensure consumers not only enjoy what comes from our taps, but also use it more efficiently.

Prestige Water Coolers filter and purify, then deliver an improved hot and cold-water product, simply by using what flows from the tap, in our homes and workplaces. Prestige Water has become a leader in the installation of these systems.

No longer necessary to rent the system, you can buy it outright, or go on one of the Prestige Water payment plans. There are several designs including the at-home or small office bench style that can also be used in a caravan or holiday home. Yes, it's totally portable!

These systems offer an innovative, functional design to maximum hygiene and style.

Another design is a "built-in fridge" water cooler, which according to Prestige Water has attracted an unprecedented demand with orders coming from a range of office and workplace sites. This economical, functional and practical unit can be sited in small areas, a hallway, boardroom and even reception area. The savings and advantages are unlimited.

You drink healthy water, have an instant choice of chilled or hot on-tap supplies, the system is filled from the tap, (the filtration system removing the chlorine, heavy metals, sediment etc) and there's no longer the need to buy, lift or install the old bottled replacements.

Prestige Water delivers water coolers Australia wide. With 20-years experience in delivering quality and reliable service, Prestige Water has a more than viable business track record.

For more information about our  water coolers visit the website at www.prestigewater.com.au or click here for our printable brochure.

Or contact Prestige Water on 0405 176 472


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