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Written on the 26 October 2013 by Peter

Bottled water or filtered water

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In June of 2009 residents of the rural N.S.W. town Bundanoon, hoping to protect the earth and there wallets, voted to ban the sale of Bottled Water. It was the first community in the country and possible the world to take such a drastic step in the growing backlash against the industry:

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The townspeople cheered after their near-unanimous approval of the measure at a town meeting. It was the second blow to Australia's beverage industry in one day: Hours earlier, the New South Wales State Premier banned all state departments and agencies from buying bottled water, calling it a waste of money and natural resources.

Why? Water is good for you right? Yes, of course, water is definitely very good for you. Why drinking water will help with greater health. It is vital to our survival. So what then was the reason for the ban? While water in and of itself is good, the stresses placed upon out environment by the bottled water industry is very, very bad.

Around 200 billion bottles of water are purchased globally every year. The truth about Water Bottles and our Environment.  In countries with adequate recycling systems in place there are still only 20% of those bottles recycled. That leaves at least 40 billion bottles to sit forever in our landfills.

There is no justification to this wastage when we are so blessed to have a great water supply. Many studies have been done to prove that generally, our tap water is as good as or better than bottled water.

If, for whatever reason you still prefer to purchase bottled water, then please think to recycle or reuse the same bottle more than once. Let's all do our part to keep plastic out of landfills.

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(Article from 17th December 2009, Beenleigh Hali Magazine)


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