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Are you drinking enough water

Many people do not drink enough water and are aware of it, but they do nothing at all until the negative effects start to reflect in their health. Good hydration in the summer. Did you know that drinking too little water can cause skin problems, back pain and even hunger? If that is the case, then read more about the 7 most common symptoms of not drinking enough water. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Do you drink enough water?

How many glasses of water should you drink during a day? Drinking water with fruit and spice. (Not taking into account the water processed in food, it also depends on age, season and activities). Eight glasses a day is the magic number. You can drink two glasses from your Water Coolers Bioela for breakfast, three in the morning and three in the afternoon and evening. Never drink water while eating to prevent digestive problems. Do you drink enough water? Below are 7 symptoms that may indicate that you are not drinking enough water.

Drinking enough water is important

1. A stiff neck

One of the most surprising symptoms of drinking too little water is a stiff neck or torticollis. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the neck is affected by the kidneys. A simple solution to prevent a stiff neck is to drink water regularly. It can not be easier! If you often suffer from a stiff neck, you can make it a habit to drink regular and sufficient water from your Water Coolers Bioela. Take extra care for your kidneys by drinking healthy tea and onion broth.

2. Dry skin and eczema

Dry skin is a clear symptom of dehydration. Water provides a healthy, elastic and radiant skin. But dry skin can also be caused by consuming too few fatty acids. You can treat eczema and dry skin by drinking enough water from your Water Coolers Bioela during the day.

3. Early wrinkles because you do not drink enough water

Aging symptoms are associated with a loss of water in the body. When there is less hydration, wrinkles appear in the skin. That is why people with dry skin get wrinkles faster than people with non-dry skin. Drinking water is therefore a much more effective anti-aging agent than any face cream. The best hydration comes from within.

4. Dark circles under the eyes

People with dark circles under their eyes know how difficult it is to get rid of. They often seek solace in make-up to make the circles less conspicuous. What they usually do not know is that the dark circles are a sign that they are not drinking enough water and that their bodies are dehydrated. If you drink enough water and still suffer from under-eye circles, try to improve your liver and kidney function through a treatment.

5. Constipation

Constipation is a health problem that must always be addressed when the problem occurs, because it can be caused by various causes and the problem can become chronic. When constipation occurs it is important to find the cause. The cause may lie in a lack of fiber, emotions or stress or a poor functioning of the liver. An important cause of constipation in people with a high fiber diet is dehydration. In order to be able to break down fibers correctly, sufficient water from your Water Coolers Bioela is needed. If this is not the case, constipation arises and you suffer from bloating.

6. Back pain

Many people suffer from constant pain in the lower back. This problem may be related to the muscles, but remember that your kidneys are also in the lower back and may cause the pain. It happens that the kidneys become inflamed and kidney stones are formed. Whatever the reason, by drinking enough water you can improve kidney function, reduce inflammation and remove kidney stones.

7. Excessive hunger

Are you trying to get rid of a few pounds, but do you find it difficult to keep your appetite under control? Know that dehydration can be the cause of this hunger feeling and the constant desire for a snack. When your body is thirsty, it sometimes sends wrong signals, so that you reach food sooner than to water. That is why it is a good idea to drink a good glass of water every time you feel hungry. Or you can make a habit of always drinking a glass of water from your cold water tap from your Water Coolers Bioela half an hour before you eat.

Give it a try. You will find that it really helps! Tips to get through the summer COOL.

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Benchtop Water Coolers Bioela
Benchtop Water Coolers Bioela
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Floor Standing Water Coolers Bioela
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Exclusive Water Coolers Bioela

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