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8 Signals that you do not drink enough water

We hear it day after day: drinking water is an absolute must for your health. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. However, we often fail to drink enough so that we are faced with all sorts of unpleasant ailments. Eating delicious ripe fruit. These eight signals indicate that you drink too little water.

1. Your skin is dry

Does your skin shine and does it feel dry and taut, even if you apply a generous amount of moisturizer? What drinking water really does for your skin. Then there is a good chance that you drink too little water. Because if you are dehydrated, also dry out your skin. So drink enough water from your Water Coolers Bioela to get your fluid balance in balance again.

2. Your mouth is dry and sticky and you have a huge feeling of thirst

It may seem obvious that drinking too little water will dry your mouth and tongue, yet there are many people who do not recognize this signal. If you are extremely thirsty, you have probably been dehydrated for a while. Do symptoms not improve if you drink enough water for a few days? Then maybe there is something more going on and you better consult your doctor.

3. You suffer from headaches

Headache may indicate that you drink too little and are slightly dehydrated. Drink plenty of water from your own Water Coolers Bioela and avoid sugar or salt-containing beverages. They only aggravate the dehydration. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

4. You feel constantly tired

Having something as simple as not drinking enough could make you feel like you were slipping through life. It does not even have to be that big: barely two percent to take in too little moisture could make you feel pretty lethargic. Because drinking too little will make your blood a bit thicker, so your heart needs to pump faster and oxygen and nutrients can not be transported as easily. A simple glass of water could therefore be the solution to your fatigue.

5. You gain weight

Believe it or not, an expanding waist may be a sign that you are not drinking enough water from your Water Coolers Bioela. In the case of mild dehydration, mixed signals are sent to your brain which makes you think you are hungry, but you only need a little water.

6. You suffer from constipation

If you do not drink enough water, chances are you will become constipated. The best thing you can do to prevent clogging is drinking plenty of water throughout the day. If you do not notice any improvement after wards, you should consult your doctor.

7. You have had a urinary tract infection

Anyone who has ever had a urinary tract infection knows what an uncomfortable and unconventional experience it is. Urinary tract infections can have many causes, but dehydration is one of the most important. By drinking a lot of water, bacteria get no or much less chance of attaching to the bladder wall, so that you also run less risk of an infection.

8. You are irritable and moody

Do you suffer from a bad mood? Perhaps it surprises you, but a simple glass of water can be the only thing you need to re-energize your mood. Research shows that even a slight dehydration can lead to neurological changes that influence our concentration and irritability. The next time you feel grumpy and you do not know why, pour yourself a glass water from your Water Coolers Bioela.

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